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Metal bending

Using this technological solution:

It is possible to fold up to 6 meters long parts;
Bending force up to 600 tons;
High dimensional and angular accuracy, identical curves;
Production of complex spatial details.

Technological support:

We perform two types of hydraulic sheet bending machines - "DURMA CNC AD-S 30175" and "DURMA CNC AD-S 60600", which ensure prompt and high-quality order fulfillment.
Bending process:

Metal bending - this is high accuracy of linear dimensions and angles. Our equipment in the process of metal bending ensures high-quality and precise, identically identical bends, as well as the production of complex spatial details.
Advantages of curved profile part compared to welded:

it has no "defects" in the weld (hot and cold cracks, non-welded areas, pores, etc.),
it is not subject to thermal deformation,
it does not require additional operations to process the joints.

Metal cutting and bending:

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